The Learning Environment

Rainbow Nursery has four accessible ground-floor rooms. Each is light and spacious with easy access to the outdoors.

Baby Room

The Baby Room is the perfect area for the babies to play and rest. It has a large area of floor space surfaced in quality safety flooring. There is a separate changing facility separate from the room so that babies can be changed in comfort and privacy and double doors leading out onto a spacious baby play area.

Toddler Room

The Toddler Room is designed to provide our newly toddling children with space and places to explore. The furniture is specifically designed to divide the room into separate areas for physical, cognitive and messy play with areas for rest also. Again, there is easy access to the outdoor play area.

Early Learner

The Early Learner room is bright and vibrant with areas for role play and quiet time. It is ideally suited to 'potty training' and has easy access to the outside.

Pre School

Pre-School is our largest room with space for children to explore and learn. It has areas where children can gather for large group activities or develop their emerging interpersonal skills with their peers in smaller groups.

Outdoor Areas

We have LOTS of outdoor space for children to play in and explore!

Each room has its own large area with gates to extend further, depending on the activity.

Rain or shine, we play outside!