Q. What is a learning journey?

A learning journey is exactly that… it captures snapshots of your child’s learning throughout their time here at Rainbow.


We went ‘live’ with Tapestry in September 2017 and have found it enhances and simplifies early years learning for practitioners and parents.

Tapestry allows us to capture the magic of a child’s early years’ experience, recording children’s learning in text, photos and videos in a way that is easy to interact with.

Tapestry gives parents the opportunity to regularly look at what their child is learning easily, as well as giving the opportunity to share pictures and fun from home!

Your child’s learning journey will build as they progress through the nursery into a wonderful document that you and they will treasure for years to come.

The Rainbow App!

The best way to keep in touch with What’s Going On @ Rainbow!

The Rainbow App (powered by OurSchoolsApp) is an App for your phone or tablet, compatible with Apple or Android software.

It allows us to communicate with parents in a more modern way and comes with a diary that sync’s to your own phone’s calendar so you don’t miss those all important events.

You’ll find all sorts of News and comment on the App and there’s even a new monthly competition to get involved in!